My current writing projects, which I’m hoping will be ready for eventual publication.

The Blood Queen
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Tayce is a golem, but the magic that created her is so perfect, she seems human. Except for the pesky immortality thing. Regardless, she’s ready to spend eternity having a quiet life with her roommate and friend, Cotter. Until Dorian, the celebrity vampire comes to her for help. Someone is missing, someone very powerful, and Tayce’s blood magic may be able to find her. Payment is knowledge — a rare book — and something Tayce has trouble refusing. After all, it’s just a simple spell, right? Too bad she doesn’t realize just how powerful this “missing” person is. Sekhmet, one of the oldest vampires, whose blood magic is so powerful her own brood refer to her as “the Blood Queen.” And now Tayce has gotten mixed up in a centuries-old vampire feud. And the Blood Queen finds herself very intrigued with a golem that never dies…
Currently: Querying


Morgan (Working Title)
Genre: Science-Fiction, Adventure
Morgan’s a self-made woman — really. She doesn’t remember much before her twenty-second birthday, and her first memory is being accused of murder. One she doesn’t remember. Five years later, three of them spent in prison, she’s decided just who she is and she’s fine with not remembering the rest. Really. She’s got a pretty stable job as a tech repo woman. Or, she was until some weird, black ops types tried to nab her. But instead of being bundled into a windowless van, tied to a gurney, and taken who-knows-where, she’s “rescued” by a merc-for-hire and his weird, gun-toting moll hacker friend. They’ve got a client who really wants to speak to Morgan. Because, apparently, there’s something big and important in those memories she’s forgotten. Something a lot of people really want Morgan to remember, one way or another…
Currently: first draft

16182 / 100000 words. 16% done!


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