Writer Quote Wednesday

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I Dislike You

I open my door, walking in while I sling my backpack onto my bed. I pass through the mess on the floor — dirty clothes, earbuds, a few school books — heading for my desk where my laptop rests. Thinking I’ll check my Twitter, see if Jaime posted anything about Friday night.

“I dislike you,” comes a distorted, computerized, high-pitched voice.

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We’re live & alive

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A long time ago, I consolidated all my blogs into one, thinking I’d just have a journal — a place to write about life and writing. Then I went to Japan, and suddenly my personal blog was filled with the trials and tribulations of being an expat and teaching in a very different society.

But I still want to write.

I want to write bigger. I want to write better. I want to write bolder.

I want a place I can talk about writing, try things with my craft, easily show people, and maybe get some feedback or discourse.

And so, I went back to my original idea of two blogs. One for writing (and so, Code Name: Story was born) and one for my personal life.

There will be serialized fiction, standalone stories, and little snippets. Things that come to my head but aren’t very well shaped — or I don’t have time to develop them further than a simplistic little story. Or maybe they are just something I want to try — a new point of view, a new technique.

But ultimately, this blog will be about writing.

Stay tuned for more, because it’s on the way!

(Or, while you wait, you can read more about the site or my author bio.)