This blog is my experiment. It is an experiment in creativity and in writing.

true words

Code Name: Story will have fiction, written by me, posted in chapters, serials, or short standalone pieces. The fiction will be raw, rough, edited once — maybe twice or three times — before being plastered on this website for viewing, commenting, enjoying. It is a way for me to grow, experiment on the craft of storytelling, try new things, and maybe get a little feedback. Of course, there will also be posts about writing, reading, story crafting, etc.

Think of it like a musician playing tunes on a street corner — with some discourse thrown in for good measure.

Who is Himani?

HimaniHimani is the author of not only Code Name: Story, but all fiction and content within the website. She enjoys a diverse life of trying to survive the educational world while still having time to write, read, and participate in a variety of hobbies. Prone to procrastination, sarcasm, and impatience, she’s still trying to rise above the little things. Currently, she lives in Japan. You can read all about it at Everyday Jetsam, her personal weblog.